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If you have reached this section, then you are wondering something… Don’t worry! You can find the answers below 😊.



No, you don’t have to. However, if you sign up, you will be able to take advantage of the offers that we provide our customers with.

Purchasing on Bodapix is super easy! You will see, our site is divided into different categories in order to make your search easier. Regarding quantity, we always recommend adding a bit more. Remember, there is a  mínimum quantity for each product (50 units for wedding invitations, for instance) and if you miscalculate you will have to reach the minimum amount again.

Once you are sure about the product you like and the quantity you need, add them to the shopping basket and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the basket icon on the right corner.
  2. Click on checkout
  3. Fill in all the required fields
  4. Check your contact details, they are essential!
  5. If you have any promotion or discount code, enter it now.
  6. We have an extra field for notes so you can give as more details such as the date of the event or ask questions.
  7. Select the payment method and fill in the required fields.

Done! Once you finished with the process, you will receive a confirmation email.

The accepted payment methods are:

  • PAYPAL: After order confirmation, you will be redirected the PayPal website using its safe payment platform. Once finished the payment process, you will be redirected back to Bodapix.
  • Debit or credit card (virtual POS).
  • Bank transfer: if that option is chosen, after order confirmation we will send an email with the bank details for the payment. It is important to bear in mind that the order will start to be processed once we have received the payment or the bank receipt. If after 5 days we have not received any of the former we will proceed to cancel the order.

SWIFT/BIC: CAIXESBBXXX – IBAN: ES82 2100 8514 4202 0007 4708 (Caixabank).

IMPORTANT: any additional charged due to international transfers will be borne by the sender.

If you want a promotion code we recommend paying attention to our social networks and/or subscribing to our newsletter.

Yes, all the prices include 21%VAT.

The best thing to do in that case is to contact us and tell us about it. We will try to give priority to your order.

Once you finish the ordering process, we will send you a confirmation email with all your order details.

Don’t panic! Just check it is not into the spam folder. If it is still not there, contact us via [email protected]

If you are not able to place your order on Bodapix, it is probably because of some of the reasons below:
  • Your details are wrong, check them out again!
  • There is a problem with your credict/debit card or with you Paypal account.

Check your details and if everything is correct, send us an email and we will figure it out.
Not yet, but give it some time!


All our orders are delivered by private delivery services. The estimated delivery time once the product has been dispatched is 24/48h (Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays excluded).

The delivery time depends on the type of product you have ordered.

Customized products

  • Once the order has been placed, you must send us the information for the invitation’s customization to [email protected]
  • We will send you a digital sample as soon as possible so you can see it before the printing.
  • Once we have the go-ahead to print them out, you will receive the order within approximately 202 working days.

Non-customized product orders and samples

  • The order should be received approximately from 5 to 7 working days, as long as we do not run out of stock.

Envelope orders

  • If we have the chosen envelopes in stock, you will receive the order at home in approximately 5 to 7 working days. In case they are out of stock, depending on the envelope size and colour, you will receive them in approximately 12 to 25. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us to check if there is stock availability in [email protected]

If for any reason you run out of time and you need your order before the stipulated date, please contact Bodapix via [email protected] 

We will send you a tracking number for your order so you can now where your order is at any time.

  • United Kingdom: £9.90
  • Spain and Portugal : £3.90
  • Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca (Spain):  £8.90
  • Formentera (Spain): £15.90
  • Europe Zone IV: France, Monaco and Germany £14.90
  • Europe Zone V: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, San Marino: £17.90
  • Europe Zone VI: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Denmark, Lithuania: £19.90
  • To Ceuta, Melilla, Canary Islands (Spain) and other places in Europe, please ask.

If you are absent on the delivery day, the delivery company will try to contact you and schedule another date for the delivery or facilitate the details for collection in the nearest store.

If despite of having the tracking code you do not know your order status and the problem persists, please contact us via [email protected] and we will try to come up with a solution.


If it is a customised product (wedding invitations for instance) we will contact you to ask you about the details. Tell us what you need to modify and we will change it before the production phase starts.

If the product is a non-customized one such as envelopes, we will be able to modify the order as long as it has not left our facilities.

En caso de ser un producto no personalizado (sobres) podremos modificarlo si el pedido no ha salido de nuestras instalaciones.

All the orders are subject to strict quality control throughout the process and before leaving our warehouse, delivering them in perfect condition and well-packed so they do not suffer any future damage.

Non-customized products

The products sold by grant you the right of return them in the following 7 days after receiving the order, as long as they are in perfect condition and are returned in the original package; Once this period has passed we will not be able to accept the return.

In case the return is due to reasons external to Bodapix, the customer will pay for the costs that this return might generate.

If you are not satisfied or you have changed your opinion with regard to the product, you will be able to claim the return, being Bodapix previously notified. The parcel should be delivered to our warehouse in their original package, complete and unused, having paid the delivery costs.

In the event of spotting any defect on the product or any mistake in the preparation of the order (and just in this case) Bodapix will authorise via email the return and C.O.D delivery. A copy of that return receipt should be inside the package. If the return is fair, it will be Bodapix which will pay for the delivery charges as long as the customer inform about it when the parcel is received. The customer will be able to order another product of the same cost or request a refund (which will be effective in a maximum of 15 days from the reception of the parcel in our warehouse).

Customized products

Customized products such as invitations, lined envelopes, cards, menus, table plans, badges… cannot be returned as they are specially designed for the customer.

Once you have purchased your product you can cancel or modify your order in the following seven days in the following scenarios, as long as the production phase has not started or the parcel has been delivered:

  • Some of the details you provided are not correct.
  • You have selected the wrong item.
  • You simply want to cancel the order..

Contact us via [email protected] and tell us your reference number and your problem. We will do our best to help you. Just remember that you will only be able to cancel or modify if the order is not in the production phase or the order has not been delivered. In any other scenario, the order can’t be cancelled nor modified.


By signing up you will get different perks:

  • Purchasing will be easier as you won’t have to be filling in with your personal details again and again.
  • Get access to exclusive promotions and discounts
  • You will be the first person to see our new products
  • Access your order details at any time with any device.
In order to create a safe password you should include at least 8 characters including capitals, lower case and at least one number.
Easy peasy! Fill in the form with your name and email. You will be receiving information about our new products and promotions.



All wedding invitations carry matching envelopes with them, except for the ones that, due to their own designs, do not require them. If you take a closer look at our product descriptions you will find out what they include. Some of them include twine, sash or other type of accessory.

Of course! The only thing you need to take into account is that not all the envelopes have the same price. To clear up doubts, ask about it via [email protected] We will give you some advice on what colour suits best.

Of course you can!
We will send you a PDF/JPEG sample so you can check it up and modify if necessary before starting the printing process. Please check dates, names and telephone numbers. Remember, once the invitations are printed, we won’t be able to modify anything.

It depends on what you want to modify. For instance, all texts can be customized.

If you want to change the color, the size or the format, there are certain invitations which allow it. In any case, contact us via [email protected] 

Once you place the order, we will send you an email asking you for the all details as well as photographs in case the invitation you ordered include them. Answer this email and attach the photographs.

It is really important that you send high quality photos. In a poor quality photograph, pixels can show up when printed. And we don’t want that to happen! In any case, if you have any doubt, send us your photos and we will tell you if they are suitable or not for your wedding invitations.

One of the most beautiful things about wedding invitations is that you two can assemble them with all the love. Because of this, we send the invitations from scratch. Furthermore, we send you an assembled model so you can have a reference. However, if you prefer that we send them already assembled invitations you just need to send us an email to [email protected]
Bien sûr! Contact us via [email protected] o a través del teléfono 956 74 10 90.


Of course! In Bodapix Collection every single thing matches the other. Each invitation has matching accessories that you can also customize.

If you want a stationery product that you cannot find in our website, you just need to send us an email and tell us what you have in mind and the quantity you need. We will send you the budget back.

No worries! You can do it as specified below:
  • If you buy all the products: we prepare the wedding invitations and send them to you. When you have all the information on the menus ot table numbers, we will start with them.
  • Buy the invitations first, and when the big day is closer and know all the information, buy those products.

Any additional doubt, remember that we are available via email or telephone.